Hospital Medical Staff Development Consulting

Table of Contents Practice Formation
  1. Strategic Planning
    1. Five-Year Financial Plan
    2. Marketing/Networking/Community Involvement Plan
  2. Site Selection
    1. Identify potential office locations.
    2. Assist in lease negotiations
  3. Site Build Out
    1. Assist in design or reconfiguration of space.
    2. Assist in selection of contractors and interior designers.
    3. Oversee construction
  4. Entity Selection and Formation
    1. Evaluation of business entities (S-Corp, PLLC, Sole Proprietorship, etc.)
    2. State and Federal Registrations
  5. Managed Care Contracting and Credentialing
  6. Equipment and Staffing
    1. Define staffing needs and coordinate hiring process.
    2. Define medical and office equipment needs and coordinate procurement.
  7. Operational Design and Reporting
    1. Define operational standards.
    2. Define practice performance benchmarks.
    3. Define practice reporting structure.
  8. Implementation and Start-Up
    1. Coordinate opening of practice.
    2. Adjust plan to meet actual environment (fine tuning)
    3. 30-day operational oversight and review.

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Physician Recruitment Facilitation

  1. Pre-Qualification of Practice – Identify practice within medical staff community seeking assistance in recruitment or identify need for new practice.
    1. Financial impact analysis.
    2. Define practice goals relating to provider expansion.
    3. Projection of facility, staffing and operational requirements.
    4. Profile of ideal candidate
    5. Define performance objectives to evaluate performance of new physician.
  2. Candidate Qualification
    1. Work with recruitment agency to review candidate CV and complete pre-screening.
    2. Perform telephone interviews with candidates.
    3. Create candidate profile for practice including strengths and weaknesses.
    4. Assist practice in selection of 2 or 3 candidates for site visit.
  3. Candidate Site Visit
    1. Work with recruitment agency to coordinate meetings, facility tours, introductions and entertainment of candidates.
    2. Gather feedback from individuals having contact with the candidate during the site visit and make recommendation to the practice.
  4. Offer & Contracting
    1. Create a letter of intent detailing financial, partnership potential and operational items for employment offer.
    2. Negotiation assistance to resolve outstanding issues.
    3. Contract coordination with hospital, practice, candidate and respective attorneys.

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Income Guarantee Minimization

  1. Monitor Credentialing Process.
    1. Identify, prioritize and negotiate managed care contracts
    2. Expedite credentialing.
  2. Design Marketing/Networking/Community Involvement Plan
    1. Identify areas of practice focus
    2. Define referral patterns.
    3. Develop marketing strategy.
    4. Monitor networking & community involvement.
  3. Design Performance Benchmarks
    1. Identify tracking statistics based upon physician/practice objectives.
    2. Establish graduated scale of benchmark evaluation.
  4. Design Reporting Format to Track Performance.
    1. Monitor performance against benchmarks to facilitate early identification of problems.
    2. Adjust benchmarks and reporting for changes in market.
  5. Assist, Implement and Monitor Plans
    1. Provide assistance in networking and marketing coordination.
    2. Help maintain focus on strategic plans and critical steps to success.

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Physician Practice Incubation

  1. Creation of Primary Care and Specialty Incubators
    1. Allow independent recruited physicians to share staff and overhead.
    2. Train recruited physicians to operate and manage a practice.
    3. Create a positive, self sustaining environment for new physicians.
  2. Transition Physicians to Independent Practices
    1. After 3 to 4 years, physicians will transition to independent practices.
    2. Allow for early transition.
    3. Eliminate non-competition agreements for STARK compliance.
    4. Allow physicians to make better partnership decisions.
  3. Competitive Advantage in Recruitment
    1. Reduce the risk of recruited physicians leaving the market.
    2. Relieve recruited physician fears of running a business.
    3. Limit recruitment expenses to the Income Guarantee.

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Income Guarantee Audit Services

  1. Internal Evaluation of New Physician Cash Flows
    1. Confidential evaluation of data tracked by the hospital.
    2. Create model to project revenue based upon physician work at hospital.
    3. Evaluate income guarantee statements for revenue and expense reasonableness.
    4. Project total income guarantee draw and identify potential risk factors.
    5. Define criteria to prompt formal audit of income guarantee records.
  2. Formal Audit of Income Guarantee Records
    1. Exercise “Audit Clause” of income guarantee contract to review all records.
    2. Evaluate billing and collection patterns of new physician.
    3. Evaluate expense allocation method used by practice to report income guarantee draws.
    4. Make recommendations to improve new physician performance and minimize income guarantee draws.
    5. Make recommendations to practice to improve internal processes and create better efficiencies of scale.

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Practice Administration

  1. Comprehensive Strategic Planning and Practice Management
    1. Define strategic plan and financial forecast of practice.
    2. Oversee day-to-day operations.
  2. Human Resources Management
    1. Benefits coordination.
    2. Development of employee skills.
  3. Financial Management
    1. Billing and Collections Management (internal)
    2. Accounts Payable
    3. Financial Reporting
  4. Complete Monthly Reporting
    1. Service Performance Tracking
    2. Referral Pattern Tracking
    3. Performance Benchmark Tracking
  5. Leadership
    1. Provide leadership to employees via clearly defined priorities and goals.
    2. Assist the physician in management decisions.
    3. Allow the physician to focus on patient care.

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Quick Fact:
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